Your digital energy assistant

EnTune is a digital energy assistant that optimizes your home energy systems, saving up to 30% on your energy costs.

Savings up to 30%

All in one app

Less CO₂ emissions

What is EnTune?

Home energy management system

EnTune helps you to get the most value out of your energy, by supplying the right energy at the right time against the lowest costs.


  • Integrates with your heat pump and other home energy systems like your solar panels, electric vehicle charger, and home battery

  • Optimizes your energy supply, demand, and storage

  • Creates and executes your personalized energy plan

  • Is controlled by one simple mobile app

How does it work?

Select your preferred saving mode and let EnTune take care of the rest

EnTune’s AI model simulates hundreds of scenarios based on parameters such as available solar energy, weather forecasts, and energy consumption patterns. Based on the optimal scenario, it creates a personalized energy plan and automatically executes it.

Create your home energy eco-system

The modules we offer

Optimizing and controlling the temperature to efficiently heat and cool your home.

Maximizing the value of your generated solar energy, and making optimal use of your dynamic energy contract.

Automating EV charging for an optimal range at minimal costs.

Balancing charging and discharging, to consume or sell with a profit.

Do you want to save up to 30% on your energy costs?